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Important Things to Know!

Our Mission is to ensure that every guest has a
 W.H.A.L.E. of a day!
(World-class Hospitality Achieving Lasting Experiences)

 Our Hiring Process:

Marineland of Canada Inc. receives more than 4,000 applications electronically for seasonal employment each year. Our screening process allows us to find the kind of people with the type of character that is the best fit for our organization and all applications are individually reviewed.   If you have any problems with the application system, please contact our office directly. PLEASE DO NOT APPLY TO MULTIPLE POSITIONS, ONLY ONE APPLICATION IS REQUIRED, If you wish to work in a department other than the one that you have applied to please make a note in the "comment" section provided on the form.
Company Expectations:
We are serious about the role that our employees play in entertaining our guests. It is our responsibility as a good host and to ensure that each guest is treated with respect, dignity and care. We expect our employees to:
  • Work safely, follow policies
  • Arrive for scheduled shifts on time
  • Adhere to appearance standards
  • Take pride in your job
  • Keep the park clean
Our Commitment to our Employees:
Marineland of Canada Inc is committed to providing a safe and fun atmosphere for all of our employees and it is our belief that every employee should be treated with respect, we strive to provide:  
  • Professionalism
  • Open-door communication
  • Recognition for a job “Whale Done”!
  • Performance feedback
  • Employment extras
  • A legislatively compliant and safe work experience
Tips to completing the online application:
A job application is a legal document and should be completed carefully. Applications that are difficult to read, incomplete or use unprofessional language will not be considered for the final interview process. Before submitting your resume or your application form, please read it over carefully and ensure the following is completed:
  • The application is filled out completely and correctly.
  • Check your personal information for spelling mistakes.
  • Is your address and telephone number correct, be sure to include apartment or unit number.
  • Use of “slang” or profane language is not used.
  • All responses and information that you are providing are honest.
The Interview Process:
Marineland of Canada Inc.’s interview process may include the automated generation of a prescreen interview date & time when you have electronically submitted your application online. This is not necessarily the case for all positions! All Pre-screen interviews take place at Marineland’s Administration Office located at 7885 Stanley Avenue South, Niagara Falls ON.
At the time of the prescreen interview, depending on availability (and if you qualify), you may be referred to the final departmental interview, the candidate will find out the day of departmental interviews if they are successful or not. In the case of more specialized roles, the department may interview all qualified candidates prior to making final selections.
Interview Tips:
  • Be on time for all interviews
  • Dress to Impress; athletic wear or beach wear is not recommended, avoid low necklines, shorts, tank tops and ill fitting clothing
  • Avoid chewing gum
  • Be neat, clean and nicely groomed (avoid excessive use of cologne/perfumes etc.)
  • Use a good handshake at either the beginning or end (or both) of an interview
  • Use good posture – no slouching!
  • Be polite, honest and sincere
  • Make good eye contact, show interest in the position you are applying for
  • Prepare a few questions of your own!
Appearance Standards:
The appearance of our Team Members is a very important part of our perceived impression of our guests and their over all experience. Marineland of Canada is compliant under the Human Rights Code, if you require accommodation for medical or religious reasons, please advise during your interview process or speak to our Human Resources Coordinator.